Hi! My name is Kendra, and I’m an overprotective dog mom 😅 Acorn has mild separation anxiety and does not do well in new environments without me, so she’s never stayed at a boarding facility and I am picky about who babysits her when I’m gone.

Can you blame me?? Look at this face 🐶🐶  BUT if I had to take her somewhere, these Salt Lake City doggie daycares would be the places I interviewed:

🐾 Camp Bow Wow
🐾 DogMode
🐾 Desert Dog Daycare
🐾 Utah Dog Park
🐾 Central Park Pet Retreat

All 5 daycares have tons of great reviews and have some really cool amenities like Webcams and Aquatic Centers!

Who do you trust with your precious fur babies when you leave SLC?